Training and Sales

Cedar Vista Stables offers all aspects of training whether it is putting the finishing touches on an upper level show horse or starting a youngster. A variety of training options are available from trailering your equine in for a schooling ride once a week to full training for showing and/or resale.

The trainers at Cedar Vista Stables are exceptionally knowledgeable at breaking and training horses and ponies and have extensive experience retraining challenging horses. Full training is available for resale and boarded horses as well as individual training and exercise rides throughout the month as owners require. Cedar Vista participates at a number of different horse shows throughout the year; trailering, coaching and riding is available for clients attending these competitions. We also offer schooling and showing services for resale horses based on either commissions or established fees.

Our philosophy at Cedar Vista is that each horse learns to trust and respect us while building confidence in themselves. We emphasize good ground manners at all times as this creates a confident, well-mannered horse under saddle. Cedar Vista's goal is to create a well-rounded, confident, happy horse that is capable of doing his/her job; be it jumping, dressage or pleasure riding!

We encourage individuals to call or Email for an appointment to discuss your horse's requirements and observe our work.